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Hello, we are so chio!! (and so we say it with pictures) - Part 2

As the title suggests, a second session of camwhoring took place the past weekend once again.

I like this one a lotlotlot.

Although we took more than one photo, I'm too lazy to post them up. You can see the rest here at darling's blog.


Mother's Day just passed by....*sigh*.

Let's just say Encik Donny Ang pandai mengambil hati emak saya yah?

But really, I was quite surprised and touched by what he did for my mum. Guess my mother was surprised and touched as well at his gestures.

Clever!! *sayang*


And I got what I wanted!! But now I am in a dilemma....those who wish to find out, ask me lah!! hehehe..sooner or later all you dear readers of this blog will find out too...so be patient lor....AND NO, I'M NOT PREGNANT/GETTING MARRIED!!

a happy ah ling

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I wonder what it is... *wink*

eleh..nothing really surprising to you, anyway you already said no to hamster babies and getting married...xD


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