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Wesak Day tests my patience.

Once a year I follow the parents to the temple in occasion of Wesak Day.

And every year, I feel like (okay, this is going to make me sound like such a bad person) smacking selected random strangers with my shoes/burning their butts with the whole bunch of joss sticks/shoving the stalk of flower in my hand (normally chrysanthemums) up their a-hole so far up the sun will never ever shine on their petals anymore or a combination of all of the above.

Sorry, a combination of an extremely smoke-filled environment which irritates my eyes AND manymanymany strangers all carrying weapons of some sort (typically a whole smoldering bunch of joss sticks + candles if you are unlucky) AND rude people who just love to step on my feet/elbow me in the back/ribcage/neck/boobs are more than enough to make me wanna...(please feel free to read the paragraph above to get a very good idea of things I would love to do).

Anyhow, Happy Wesak Day to all the Buddhists out there. Cheers for the public holiday!

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