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Hello, we are so chio!! (and so we say it with pictures.)

The boyfriend is so going to kill me. But I said we are chio only hor?

Read the title above. Hello. We are so chio. *sendiri kembang*

One of our friends told me that Don & I are the 'camwhore couple'. -__-""""
Quite true also lar.

Chio act one.

Chio act two.

Chio act three.

Looks as if his fingers are poking my boobs hor?

And finally!

Chio act four.

The boyfriend is so going to kill me for this. Darling, whatever you do, please don't sit on my face and fart hor?
Cos' I lubchu manymany!

Tsktsktsk. Man boobs.

P.S: Got your Mother's Day gift yet? I got my mum Andana Spa @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie spa packages, all thanks to the brilliant gift idea for her from the boyfriend. Just go there, tell them your budget and they'll come out with a proposal of certain packages for you. Parking is free too!! And no, I'm not getting paid for this, just thought I'd share it with you readers.

ah ling

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*hides face*

Muahahaha....shy now leh...*muaks*

WOW!! Now I know both of your activities every weekends..

Donny, would you mind if I refer this picture to some of my 'FRIENDS'???

You might be gone in a seconds
(Ah-Ling, you know what i mean right???) ahahah

yeah! Gone in 10 seconds...MUAHAHHAHAHAH

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