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Overdue short post on Recharge @ Kota A Famosa

You see, I'm too lazy to blog in full about this. So I stole borrowed some pictures from Donny's blog.

Oh, and it was really really muddy to the point where mud just got EVERYFREAKINWHERE. I saw quite a number of discarded shoes just lying in their final resting place of mud. And the toilet facilities were just...crap. 2 toilets beside every arena, thousands of people, lots of alcohol and water to drink, you do the math.

I shouldn't even have bothered changing one side of my Adicolours to green stripes to match my bikini because in the end after all the mud (and foam), everyone's shoes just looked like this:


You can read more about it in Donny's blog HERE
if you want to.

ah ling

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