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I'm no fun to hang out with anymore =(

It's true. Sad, but true.

Work just saps the life out of any individual, and I'm no different. But there are perks. Perks like being forced to lie (no kidding!), and getting paid for it. I know it sounds like I'm a really bad person, but no, I don't mean that I go to work and lie to my bosses and colleagues (because I don't!), but meh, I don't really know how to explain anyway, so you can choose to think badly of me or not, and quite frankly I don't care because I know the truth and you don't *sticks out tongue*

Was at Ming Tien in Taman Megah a while earlier and I felt some bad 'chi' around. Really. It only happens if there is negative energy around me (ghosts, spirits, whatever..). Nevermind, now I just sound totally psycho which I am not.

Saw a huge ass rat which had its back turned towards me and I started screaming in such a high pitched voice that it was a wonder no glass shattered. Ole and Jo were laughing at the way I screamed -___-"""

Have a great weekend people. My camera is in Melaka for the weekend and I'm not. Damnit. I have some serious dating to do this weekend with my bed.

ah ling

P.S : I taught Ole and Jo some Chinese words. They now understand the meaning of 'cibai', 'cipet' and 'lanciau'. Oh, and 'chau cibai' as well =)

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