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I can sleep at the casino.


I can just imagine myself going in to a casino, sitting down at a table and then fall asleep right there and then on the table (probably while waiting for the dealer to deal the cards or something). Doesn't matter what game it would be, I would probably be too knackered (exhausted) to care as long as I don't wake up with an imprint of playing chips on my forehead.

And since I do not trust myself to actually be awake that long to sit down at playing tables anymore, I should probably start playing at an online casino. So I found a site which
is actually nice enough to list down their own Top 10 list of the best casinos online. They even state down the amount in bonuses the casinos offer, provide the software downloads, give the percentage of payouts, ratings and even have reviews about everything ranging from the service to the graphics of the casinos. Interesting. But at least I know for sure that if I were to fall asleep I can do it on my bed, while at my laptop.


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