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I made it to Bristol!!

I made it to Bristol!!!!!!!! Thanks to all my friends who actually ran to help me with my luggage, and for helping me pack and making it to the train station in time. You guys + gals are like the best okay. *sayangs* Belanja you all yum cha back in Malaysia kay?

Bristol in bloom...

am currently staying with Joyce. Haven't seen the Crab for ages!!

Joyce + I on the rooftop of her apartment.

To get to the rooftop we have to climb the fireman's ladder.

I'm only halfway up here. heh.

Bumming off Using this cafe's Internet access with Joyce near here apartment, and we heard a really loud THUD a while ago and just assumed that somebody dropped something, until we heard a worker running towards the stairs here and asking someone whether she was alright. A woman fell and cut herself or something, and they had to ring for an ambulance. *sigh* There's blood apparently, but the ambulance has already taken her away, so hopefully she's alright. It was quite scary actually, seeing her lying prostrate on the floor and not moving. *sigh again* The bloody Coke cost 1.90 pounds, so am trying to fully utilize my time here. I miss high-speed broadband 24-7!!!

P.S: Bought a really nice dress in Ms. Selfridge yesterday...hehehe..so much for not shopping and exercising self-control, yadayada..

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omg ah ling... i simply love the shot with u and joyce. good to know that you arrived safely in bristol. was getting worried as no updates and was thinking of calling. hope you enjoy rome and take lots of pictures for me to see. when your mom's burp day? i want souvenirs. hehehehe!

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