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Full Tilt Poker site.

*sponsored post*

Exams are so so near I can practically smell the question papers and predict my impending doom. Will have no time to go to the casino anymore to play poker there =( But hey, if I want to I can always indulge in the fact that I can play poker online and even get loads of Great Poker Bonuses from a Poker Bonus guide.

In fact, there is currently a Full Tilt Poker Bonus Code available there to any new player signing up for the first time and the Full Tilt Bonus Code has been handpicked from the best selection of bonuses and poker sites offered there. A bonus of a 100% of your first deposit up to $600 is given to you and there are also many other exciting events happening there like the weekly chance at the prizepool of over $5 million as well as live chats with the professionals. Nice!


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