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Internet downtime soon?

I read from Wei Men's blog that the Internet access might be cut today since our 3 month contract is up? Well, if that is the case then it is so eff-ed up man!! No more blogging, no more stalkingchecking out people's profiles on Friendster, no more MSN, no more reading of Malaysia news,no more downloading porn. MO MORE CONNECTION TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD. Willdiesoondotcom. So if there are no updates from me here or on my other blog, or if you don't see me online, or if I don't reply to your emails, then you should understand why.

Anyway, yam leaving Sheffield on the 7th (this Friday) on the 1.23 pm train to Bristol. I don't want to go, actually. I will miss Sheffield =( Meh. Joyce!! Will be seeing you soon!!

ah ling

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