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Spy Sweeper rids pesky spyware.

*sponsored review*

Imagine that you were looking at a slightly x-rated site online when suddenly..... *pop ups everywhere on your screen*. Or when clicking on a link to go to what seems like an interesting site but suddenly...*pop ups*. So super annoying and it gets one really cheesed off.

In my case, before I got my laptop, I used to use the 'communal computer', also known as the computer which is in the family area outside my room. And every minute or so, I would get pop ups telling me that my computer is infected with spyware, some advertisements of different nature, invitations to view free sex sites, yeah, you get the idea. But that was still tolerable (well, to a certain extent anyway).

And so I put up with that. Until it came to a point where my computer was lagging like hell. Press one button and it only responded much later. Eventually the computer crashed, and crashed, and crashed. If only we were aware of a software like the Spy Sweeper by Webroot Software then most probably we would not even have to clean-up and rid the computer of the darned spyware in the first place.

And why do i say that? The reason is because we WERE using an anti-spyware software at that time, but it did not help much did it? With all the spyware attacks and such, obviously it wasn't really a good choice.

In fact, if I were to get the Spy Sweeper, I would go for the
Spy Sweeper with antivirus
. Now that's what I call killing two birds with one stone. In fact, if you should need any support either through phone or online, you get it absolutely free. Nice.

There are lots more award-winning products on their site, so go take a look. Prevention is always better than cure, I would say.


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