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Shit Debt happens.

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It is so not unusual to be in debt. Since being here (for only a week so far) and armed with plastic (credit card) and a lump sum of cash in hand, I have been controlling my spending as much as possible not really successful but I'm trying!. And i insist on not buying most of my stuff using the plastic because I know the temptation to spend spend spend is hard to resist at times (especially now when there are discounts!bargains!). But I'm lucky since I do not have to worry about other issues, like payments for my car, or for my accommodation or even bills.

There has been an immense rise in the number of people who are finding themselves in debt. Understandably the cost of living has risen too, but it alarming to note that this is the second consecutive year that this figure has risen, and in 2006 the figure was a third higher than the previous year. When you find yourself sinking into debt you would tend to get money as soon as possible to pay those debts off, regardless of how the cash comes by or how much interest it would cost you to take that cash. This means the vicious circle continues ; pay off one debt but accumulate another as people are not really aware of the real
cost of borrowing

Find out a little bit more about terms like IVA, or even to read up a little bit more on the truth about debt. The knowledge is worth knowing, and do spend wisely.


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