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A telescope to see the man on the moon and more.

*Sponsored post*

At certain times in your life I bet you wished that you had a telescope (or
telescopes even, depending of the number of curious people you're with) to get a much better glimpse of something in the faraway sky or even to get a better look into that hot chick's room.

Meade has come out
with a really cool gadget called Meade MySky which actually allows the viewer to identify over 30,000 celestial objects at a click of the button. Nice. It comes with an easy to follow video menu and a full-colour LCD screen for better viewing. So never again wish that you could view all the star constellations better and regret not being able to spot the man on the moon

What an interesting and unique present for the wannabe astronomer, science geek or even the curious student in the family. It is available at
OpticsPlanet.com where there are a wide range of optics for everybody's needs.

Now would somebody please come out with a telescope or binoculars so that I can see what my darling penguinboyfriend and my family and friends are up to right now back in Malaysia?


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