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I'm here + pictures of my new room.

I'm here!! thanks to everyone who sent me off at the airport that day, and NO, Don, the drama so didn't happen okay, but I'm glad you have a really over-active imagination.

Pictures of my room for the next few months:

once entering the room:

the bed, but this picture was really blur. Find Tommy 1 the wombat.

the view from my window:

Really really lucky. Got a master bed room to myself. Darling! When are you coming over?

The weather here is much colder than back then, but it's not just us Malaysians feeling the cold. We see lots of "kwai lohs" bundled up really snugly as well, so, haha, we're not the only ones freezing eh?

Will prolly be going to Glasgow, Scotland this coming 15th,16th and 17th June. Okay, no more mood for blogging now. Maybe later.

ah ling

P.S: the time shown is 3 something am, but it's actually 7 hours behind Malaysia time here. Will be getting a new sim card here soon as digi charges too freakin expensive!

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OMG! You've got a double bed! So nice!!!

How are your housemates??

they're nice!
hehehe 2 of them are from my previous class in malaysia anyways..

when are you coming to visit?

let me know kay? prolly this friday will be getting my vodaphone simcard. will give you my number then

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