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Seen a dragonfruit plant before?

A few years back when the dragonfruit was just available in Malaysia (okay, maybe it has always been sold here, just that I was too blur and never noticed it around), I thought it was pretty and exotic all at once. It was also quite expensive at that time.
Now dragonfruits are so easily available for sale (grocery, pasar malam, etc. etc.) but have you seen one which hasn't been plucked yet?

The penguinboyfriend's house in Malacca has one plant which only has ONE fruit after all these years and since he was in trigger-happy mode (with the camera-lah!) he took pictures of it:

The plant looks like a cactus plant, complete with thorns as well.

Pretty kan? But I only like to look at it, since I don't like its taste.
By the way, the inside of the fruit was purple yah.

But now i can't even find any dragonfruit here in UK. =( hahah, not that I liked eating it anyway.

Thanks to the penguinboyfriend for the photos again.

ah ling

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