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scenery pictures.

I never thought I'd actually see scenery looking like those wallpaper pictures (yes, the scenery here is bloody nice).

here's one taken when I was in the bus heading towards Sheffield from Heathrow Airport:

see the cows!! and the sky! and the grass!!

There were many sheep as well, but I didn't manage to capture the picture in time.
And there was also a field covered in red flowers, so from afar it looked as if it the field was on fire. Beautiful. But no pictures because I didn't manage to take that picture as well.

At Peace Gardens:

The sun came out on that day, and so did the crowd. The sun's been missing in action for a few days now and with the winds blowing, it's freezing here. Summer should be along soon.

Off to dinner, a whole bunch of us(okay, a my nice classmates) are cooking dinner. Today it's tomyam and rice + omelette using my tomyam paste which i brought from Malaysia. Thank God the penguinboyfriend told me to bring them. *sayang*

ah ling

P.S: One of my lecturers know that my blog is about random rubbish because the subject came up today. Hmm..he seemed amused though. But you darlings do know that this blog is all about totally real and random rubbish hor?

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