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Painting with your butt.

Talk about sitting around on your arse and doing something.
Making something out of what God gave us, or just plain crazy you say?

Can't imagine the sensation of acryllic on your derriere and/or on your bits? Me neither, and I'm NOT going to try it out.

Stan Murmur did, and you can check out his gallery of butt-prints right HERE.

Stan Murmur's Tulip Butts.

Probably this is all old news to anyone of you, but forgive me as I do find it unique and something completely new to me.

Looking around for more butt-print art information on whether anyone has ever attempted to do so, well I found out that David Duchovny and his wife, Tea Leoni did do some butt-prints. To be more precise, he was the painter, and she his 'paint loader'. To know more, you may click on the links above.


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