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For business owners - Sales Lead Management system.


If you are concerned with all aspects of your business, and want the ability to take complete control over your sales process, then consider a sales management software which will let you take a closer look at which sales representatives are making sales, and which are not which will help you choose who to fire.

Need new customers and want to identify which prospects have the most potential? Simple. With Aimpromote.com, you're able to refine your customized lead list which allow you to retrieve important data and this also allows you to customize up to five more columns which can display information like names, phone number or email. Important details which although minor, does carry a lot of value. Had enough of your sales team not doing their job, because they claim that they do not know when their appointments were scheduled? With a customized task type, you won't give them opportunities for any more excuses, thus increasing your sales and adding to your revenue. Still not convinced? Try out the full featured 14-day free trial and see the results and benefits available.


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