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Today, I'll let you see the penguinboyfriend's father's picture in The Star newspaper.

Yes, seriously. I couldn't believe my eyes either also at first (but only because I couldn't recognize the dog). And just to make sure, I called the penguinboyfriend's mother to confirm the fact. By the way, this is SO NOT an April Fool's joke, okay.

Taken from The Star newspaper, April 1 Nation pg 39.

The penguinboyfriend's father on the way to hunt. He got a new dog, apparently, and there is a piece of wood? plastic? covering the top of the cage to shield the dog from the sun's rays.

Whoever you are, Alfred Chai, thanks for taking the trouble to actually take the photo and send it to The Star. All this while I've been at the penguinboyfriend's place and I've never actually thought that it was something fascinating. I mean yeah, it was at first, but then again I've been back too many times to bother after that. Glad that people find it fascinating. XD

ah ling

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