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Life insurance is a must.

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Most people can't really come to terms that we are not immortal, and will never be immortal, so one day, everyone of us has got to face Judgement Day. Enough of sounding morbid. What I want to stress upon is that when we do pass on, our loved ones and dependants are left behind to fend for themselves, so we should ensure that there will always be financial security for them. What better way to do that than to take out a Life Insurance policy? At least with a proper Life Insurance policy, our loved ones do not have to worry about wondering where their next meal comes from; especially if since you are the sole bread winner in the family.

When taking into consideration the insurance policy you wish to purchase, there are many factors which have to be considered. Things like understanding the process, complications and the benefits of different insurance policies, and also other factors pertaining to your lifestyle (example : do you smoke?) and so on.

What I like is that if you're totally ignorant about insurance, and have questions regarding this issue, there's a Life Insurance 101 class where there are articles like Frequently Asked Questions and other topics to answer all your queries.

Regardless if you are staying in New Jersey or Washington or just about anywhere else in the world, it's better to be prepared before it's too late.


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