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HSBC sponsored my 'tattoos'/ the penguinboyfriend gets creative.

There's nothing quite like being sick and depressed all at once. Since he got a goody bag from HSBC, the penguinboyfriend decided to utilize the stuff given and cheer me up.

Drawing his masterpiece with the HSBC pen on my leg a.k.a. the canvas.

Look a little closer to see what he was drawing. I didn't know what it was too until he showed me his 'masterpiece'.

And when I finally saw what it was, I was like "What the....?!?!! Robotman?!"

Unfinished robotman *sweat*

After a while, the Robotman was finished.

*sweating even more*

So i took a picture of a small hamster which he drew before the Robotman.

Upon closer look:

He drew the ears too long!! They are supposed to be like THIS. According to the penguinboyfriend, he drew them longer because they would look like that if I pulled the ears. =.="" Okay-lah, if you say so, darling.

The penguinboyfriend's next masterpiece:

Okay, after that I had to physically restrain stop him from drawing anymore masterpieces.

So, next was a very creative flier in the bag.

Say hello to the penguinboyfriend.He wishes there was porn on the side of the flier which he is looking at. Haha. Kidding only-lah.

From then on, we got progressively perverted creative with the flier and my body.

Okay, no more rubbish for now. Hope this tides you through the weekend. Have a great weekend, by the way.

ah ling

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