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Gay Pride Parade - do you know what it is about?

To clarify things, let me tell you that my sexuality is undisputedly heterosexual. But I thought I'd write about this because I find the concept of Gay Pride Parade interesting, since we will never have it here in our country.

From Wikipedia, it states that "A pride parade is part of a festival or ceremony held by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of a city to commemorate the struggle for LGBT rights and pride".

Here, the above mentioned choices of sexualities are not recognized, both by the country, or the religion.

Did you know that the nearest Gay Pride Parade ever held to Malaysia was in Taipei?

From Wikipedia :

On November 1, 2003 the first gay pride parade in the country of Taiwan, Taiwan Pride, was held in Taipei, Taiwan with over 1,000 people attending [7], and the mayor of Taipei, Ma Ying-jeou, attended the event. Homosexuality remains a taboo in Taiwan, and many participants wore masks to hide their identities.

If you read the above paragraph, you'd realise that it said that participants wore masks to hide their identities. Unlike asian culture, participants overseas are more open, with many of them displaying their talents through acts like dances, etc. to the thousands of spectators.

San Francisco Pride Parade. Taken from HERE.

Gay Pride Parade in New York. Picture taken from HERE.

Symbols of gay pride include:

the Rainbow flag

the Greek Lambda symbol ,the Pink triangle, and the Black triangle.

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