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ah ling hides under the office tablegets a new 'home'.

Today I felt like becoming a hamster. To help me achieve my 'dream', I decided to
hide in my houseunder the office table. Yes, OFFICE table. This took place in the office. (Boss, please don't fire me!!!)

The penguinboyfriend catches me hiding under the table:

What is ah ling hiding there with her?

"It's mine!!" *guilty look*

*the "hamster" goes chiak!!*

My god, why does it look like I'm taking a dump?!?

"Okay-lah, I'll give the vodka back. Tired of being in my 'house' already."

I was tired of squatting, so I sat down.

And here's one of me looking back at you.(Excuse the weird blue lighting please.)

ah ling

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