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Announcing 1K Tuesdays.

*Sponsored post*

I heard sometime ago on the radio that majority of people get fired on Tuesdays. Don't worry about what you just read. Unless you screwed up pretty badly on your job, or you screwed up pretty badly on the job, there is nothing much that you have to worry about keeping your job. So yeah. Tuesdays are 'be careful' days. And so they are, for more reasons than one.

Know why? Because Tuesdays are now 1K Tuesdays!!!!!! *throws confetti pillow towel into air* 1K as in ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Not anything else. One thousand American dollars. *drools and drools somemore and keeps drooling* That is a whole lot of moolah.

But! (As usual, there is always a catch.) But, the thousand dollar opportunity only happens ONCE anytime between 12 am and 11.59 pm. And when it happens, it only comes around once. Let me stress that again, that it only happens once. The good thing is that the opportunity is open to ANY of us Posties. The bad news is that it is open to all of us Posties. This means that to get the opportunity, I have to annihilate all other Postiesbe extremely lucky, or fast.

Talk about great blog advertising. With constant pleasant surprises like 1K Tuesdays , it's no wonder that us bloggers actually like blogging and carrying out blog advertising as the rewards and benefits to us are many.

Bah. I'm not really sure if the 1K opportunity has been taken already or not, but if I do see it and miss it I'm just going to blame my local Internet provider as the connection here is still really bad. People! Look out for it and try to knock Colleen off the number one spot in the top-earners list! *evil laugh*


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