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i've got my V.O.W.


the penguin boyfriend got me my Very Own Wombat(V.O.W)!!! *claps hands in glee big-ass grin throws confetti trumpets sounding in background* And it's even smaller than Jamie's Timmy 1 & Timmy 2!!! It came in a tin!! damn cute sial!! it's momo was sticking out of the tin.woo-hoo!!woo-hoo!! pictures when i have time to take 'em. (He says it is my birthday, Valentines day, anniversary and Christmas gift =.=""""""""""""""""""""")
Nownow. Even though i have my Very Own Wombat (V.O.W), my quest to kidnap Timmy 1 / Timmy 2 / Timmy 1 & Timmy 2 is still on! All so i can complete my V.O.W family!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *insert evil laugh here* Too bad they're all stuffed so they can't mate and reproduce!


Luckily there's no classes on at college, else i might just end up getting bird flu. Niki Bo Bunny! Your house is under quarantine!! Luckily you are a bunny and not a chicken/duck/sparrow/crow/bird. Or else you would be handed down a 'death sentence'. Sad wei.


Dear Sal, if you are reading this please let me know where your new blog is, tried mailing you but yet to receive an answer. Thanks..


Yeah hor, anyone wanna buy original GAP singlets? Cos one of my colleagues is selling them @ RM13 each. I bought 3!! Sizes = xs , s, m, l although if you are UK size 8 like me M is fine. 3 colours: black/white/grey. Let me know kay? The cutting is nice...=)


Happi V.O.W day people!! I'm off to dry my hair and sleep. Tomorrow I have to go to some uni in shah alam for R.A.G.E. byebye!!


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!