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I am going to give you bad word-of-mouth publicity.

wondering who?

It's not a person. Or anything living. It's about a restaurant wchih is located in Damansara Jaya actually.

Magic Wok restaurant.

We went there for our reunion with ppl like Joyce and Jon and Drew.

Well, we opted for the Silver menu which was like Rm 398++. And it was stated very clearly there that the fish was supposed to be FUCKING STEAMED(of course there was no "fucking" in the menu lar, you get what i mean). Check out the menu :

see the word "Steamed".

and they gave us FRIED fish instead. And not one of the staff came to tell us that the menu was changed. When we demanded to know why the fish was fried and not steamed ( and onli when we demanded to know) did this chinese woman come over and say " oh, the menu was printed wrongly, it's supposed to be fried". Bullshit man. Do i look like i was born yesterday ar cheebye?! summore all the posters and menus hung outside the restaurant stated that the fish is "steamed" and not fried. And the fried fish sucked too. It was so not fresh at all.Tiu.

Conclusion: The Magic Wok's Chinese new year dinner SUCKED.

but i am truly grateful that Joyce bothered to go to all the trouble to organise it though. This entry is just to inform you guys about the Magic Wok's sucky food on that day. And the service wasn't too good either. Our food didnt really follow the menu as it was supposed to be ( eg. prawns came first before the chicken...)

But it's over. Just that i'm not going back there anytime soon.(Or prolly not even at all.)

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