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My V day the mamak way.

No shite.The penguin boyfriend and I had dinner @ Williams and Esther was helping him out okay. But there was no Timmy in sight.

We didn't celebrate V day but we had the whole weekend to ourselves. Better hor?
(This may sound really unusual, but i really really really have to blog about this because miracles onli happen once in a blue moon. Anyway, the penguin boyfriend made me breakfast!! *tingtingtingting bells ringing birds singing confetti being thrown jackpot!! applause applause standing ovation* Now how often does something like that happen rite?

Our presents to each other? Hmmm.. neither of us received each other's gift yet lar. The gift - exchange should be done by next week.


Talk about time spent in Malacca.

THe puppies were SO DAMN CUTE!! and silly me didnt take any pictures at all. Their eyes are light green. And they're so damn smart. And i even flapped their ears!!
Tracy has a new puppy too, it looks like my Candy.It even acts like Candy.Heh. And i added the words 'toggy woggy' to its name, so its now Niki Toggy Woggy.
Just like how Karen's housemate's bunny is now Niki Bo Bunny. lalalalalala...


Yam looking forward to redeeming my Carnaval Brazillian Buffet voucher soon.yay!!


On Feb 19th I will have known the penguin boyfriend for a whole year. Things happen for a reason. If Jamie , JasonTetek Leong and Karen had not followed me to the MAS fair I would never have known him. So when something bad happens, take things as they are. (hey, lots of shit happened on the 19th Feb last year, so yeah, things seemed pretty bad at that time).Sometimes things happen for the better.

"And everybody's on the table, table, table...."

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!