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40 year old virgin

..is not me though. For one, I'm not 40 years old. And I'm not a ....(<--fill in the blanks ppl.)

But that show was stupid. I wonder how the censorship board is going to censor the many parts where the viewer gets to see girls' boobs, all the swear words and others?
Interesting to watch him on his quest to get laid though. Just curious.Is it really that difficult for some ppl to get laid?


HapPi Chinese New Year.

There are a few pictures that i've taken recently of stupid captions or headlines in the newspapers, but i'm in no mood to upload anything yet.


When I grow up, i want to be a hamster.

Hamsters have it easy. Eat, sleep, shit, mate, groom themselves, look cute. Repeat.And repeat ( in no particular order).

No nonsense like hosting open houses and giving angpow.

tsktsktsk. ah ling, ah ling.

Or maybe it's just me, i just ain't in the spirit of chinese new year.It's freakin' hot and humid okay, and i sweat easily.

And I miss the penguin boyfriend too.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!