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this just sounds wrong...=.="""

remember a while ago i wrote about headlines or captions which just sound wrong?

well, here are the pictures. Please take all these with an pervertedopen mind and i sincerely apologize if you are in any way affiliated with the person in the picture:

OMG okay!!The tongue-in-cheek caption read "Round and juicy":
(photo and caption taken from the Star)

And no way in this lifetime will i ever qualify for the loan offered:
(Headlines from the Sun)

(lan in cantonese means 'cock/penis/dingalingadingdong/bobobun(according to my dad)/kukuciau)

I showed the parents the pictures and my mum said that she will never qualify for the loan either. =.=""""""""


Bonus pictures of the day:

Jason Tetek Leong stoned @ Jamie's house:

The wombat i never fail to molest whenever i go over to Jamie's house.Damn cute okay!! ( I named him Timmy 1!!Cos there's another stuffed wombat there which i called Timmy 2):

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!