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I threw somebody's picture away.


Dad replaced the computer in the family area AGAIN.


Some of my classmates asked me to go to Genting. Hmm...yam already going this Saturday-lah...(yay).


Went shopping earlier on with Ah Karen. Am currently left with negative RM3 to spend for the rest of the week. Yes, NEGATIVE. Negative cos I owe Karen Rm3.


Also currently in the process of finding a supplier sho can give me the best price for my ''toasters''. I have approximately another 18 days to do so. Pressure, pressure. *bites lip while giving the screen the squinty-eyed look*


Did my homework for the retail subject today. Our homework for this week is to go shopping. So go shopping I did. ( Shopping trip courtesy of the boyfriend XD )

So along with the new jacket(to replace the one he bleached, heheh) and top from Drew ( thank you bro! *hugs*), I have another 3 new tops.

So you see, I do do my homework after all. *sticks out tongue at those who roll their eyes*

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!