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there were supposed to be pictures on this one.

I had actually removed my RS-MMC card, then i realized that the card reader has gone missing. So I pushed the card into the card-reader slot in my laptop, even though i know that i have to use the extender. Thank god for my tweezers ; managed to get the card out using that...phew.. So no pictures today lah...


Malacca trip was great, just eating and going round the 2 major shopping malls there, and sleeping in his cold cold room, and trying to bond with the boyfriend's parents. Heh.Stayed there a day longer than expected, thanks to the doctor who gave the boyfriend an MC..

My mother reckons that I'm "under pressure" since he's an onli child. Hhmmm.......=.='''''''''''''''


Figured out why the area around the base of my back was swollen. Excellent detective I am...

*My ass is hurting now.Boo.

p.s: *Or more accurately, my asshole is hurting.Nyeh.


Happi Belated Birthday to Choon Lean. Dunno if she even reads this blog anymore? But congratulations to your 20 years of existence on this planet anyway!!


I gave my Candy a blue stripe on her head!! Took her for a walk earlier on and crushed a blue flower ( the type where it is used to obtain the blue dye for kuih) and drew a blue stripe on her head!! It looks like warpaint lar!! ^_^

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!