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steamboat buffet part 2.

believe it or not, had it again on saturday nite with Mr W.K and his friends. How was I to know that Karen went for it too with her friends? Some coincidences are freaky.

Hmm.. i didn't follow the rents' back to Ipoh, but apparently my grandaunt was sick. Well, i dreamt on saturday nite that she was sick cos' she kena poisoned as something poked her leg while she was in the kitchen. Well, half of my dream was correct. I asked small fart ( that's the youngest bro) why she was sick and it was because she was poisoned!! by a fruit(and not by some foreign object stuck in her leg)!! so you see, half of my dream was right, so does that make me half psychic?


Now certain BAGS in Nine West are 50% off, but couldnt find anything i liked. Damn. Wasted a chance to swipe Mr W.K's card. heheheh..No lah, don't put it that way hor? Just say that he had no chance to buy me something. Now doesn't that sound better? ^_^

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!