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I forgot my password

to log in to blogger. this is bad.

on with what i have to say :

-= went clubbing with Karen on Friday nite. Yes, it was a realy spur of the moment thing. Utilized her 12SI atmosphere card. WHat the heck? Since when did that place become a 'shuffler haven' complete with trance music and lasers wei??
Met Mr. Postman after...hehehhe.. Not bad at all lar =P NO NO, Karen don't get me wrong aight' ? Don't let him escape!!! yum cha at the mamak for nearly 4 hours, believe it or not..actually got back around 7 am. ^_^ =-

-= Been visiting University Hospital. So depressing lar. =-

-= I just realised if my boobs were huge I could take on the moniker " Busty Sharron". But oh, too bad. It's so not going ot happen in this lifetime. I'm talking nonsense again. Stop me please. Nevermind, I will stop myself.=-

p.s: I 'forged' Mr W.K's signature!! But of course he's alright with it lar.Pumped petrol again, didn't realise that I'd have to sign for it at the Shell station. Grrr...

P.P.S : I'm supposed to go 'cheong K' this friday with Mr W.K and his colleagues!! How the heck am i supposed to get out of this?! ( Cheong K is our way of literally saying " Sing Karaoke" ). I DON'T LIKE !! I DON'T LIKE!! DAMN...

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!