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i'm alive!! ( and so are they / 52 toasters / latest sexcapade )

and apparently so are some of my friends whom i have not heard from in a long long time? hehehe.. let's find out who these people are(<-- if your name appears here don't hate me or kill me hor? bless you..^_^)... *drum roll*

1) Louis Kwa Chi Yew ( 1 of my pet brothers, just FYI, the other is Drew.Miss you
Drew!! *HUGS*. The 3rd pet brother is self-proclaimed, he happens to be
"Short-poser". Sorry, no name revealing here, just in case you somehow know
who he is.)

2) Jackie Lim - due to not seeing him online for a long long LONG time, well..do
the math lar..

3) I'm sure there was someone else who was supposed to be in this list, just can't figure who it is right not..Yes, i got it. Jonathan 'Tetek' Khoo(click here for link).


shopping on Sunday with the boyfriend and his room mate. Yes, he does have a room mate, Mr E. who is really 'considerate', but I'll talk about that a little later..

Hmm...Mr W.K will be 27 this Halloween ( yes, he claims to be the 'son of the devil', and rightfully so, heh heh heh --> gimme an evil laugh please). Anyway he asked me whether i had a sandwich toaster, the one where it presses slices of bread together to make nice triangular-shaped toasted sandwiches.

Well, ours is lost. So i asked him if he wanted a sandwich toaster for his upcoming birthday present.(Sebenarnya saya nak cuba tahu apa yang dia betul-betul mahu untuk hadiah harijadinya kerana saya akan membeli sebuah XXXXXXXXXXX untuknya.) sorry, can't have him chancing upon my bloggie and ruining the surprise. But i am digressing. Back to the sandwich toaster, he was aghast when he heard that. "But I already have one back in Malacca." "It's only 15 ringgit."

I then offered to get him 52 toasters, one for every week of the year. See, 52 x RM15 = RM780. That would mean that I can still get myself a handbag from Nine West with the remaining amount of cash left from the birthday present budget.
I love aggravating him. It's FUN!!Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

btw,he got me a box of those mini cornettos. I guess it's great if you want to satisfy those cravings for a cornetto, but feel like a little oink oink after finishing the normal-sized ones. So yeah, the mini ones are actually guilt-relievers.

I was supposed to talk about Mr E. Well, on the nights that i stay over at Mr W.K's, Mr E. is actually considerate enough to either

a) Stay over at Derian's house ( one of their really good friend's house which happens to be 2 minutes away by car)


b) Dissapear for quite a long time wih the excuse to 'yum cha' with friends or he
will actually go out on his own


c) Sleep (<-- really sleeping or not, i don't know lah.Better not to know. Because hor, you know lar why..=P )

adoi, i am digressing again.

well, the latest one entails a quickie. in. a.public.area. Figure out where, i don't believe im even typing this out,(BUT YOU ARE, ah ling, YOU ARE!!)and i don't really care though. At least I don't deny that i'm a sluthaving sex.

I just love being able to crap on my bloggie. Craving for french fries now. Not good. Not good at all. eep..
Have a good week ahead, people.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!