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bopping to music from another era.

hahah! yesterday @ Zouk's Mambo Jambo nite, I found it weird actually, to be dancing to hits from the 70s,80s and 90s. Yes, Drew, you would have loved it. C'mon, where else in Kay Elle would actually play 'Copacabana' ?! YES!! IMAGINE THAT!! COPACABANA okay!!! And even Belinda Carlisle's "Leave a Light On"... Anyway I'm not complaining, thankx to Iszie who actually gave me the 2 invites ( each invite admits 3 people).

Btw, why is Zouk suddenly being all prissy about the legal age to go clubbing there?Grrr... a little over 2 months more for me to be legally old enough to vote though.

Damn food poisoning on Wednesday. Thought i wouldn't be able to make it for Mambo Jambo nite, since it was initially quite bad earlier on in the day. Bad to the extent that later on, I was all ready to run to the toilet at Ming Tien after taking the first bite of my 'hor fun'. Yeap, had to run to the toilet immediately after eating my brekkie, and late lunch/tea.

This past 2 months has been really terrible on the basis alone of how many people have been afflicted with various health problems. Let's see..

1) Grandaunt who had a stroke.
2) Mum had to undergo an op. to remove both her ovaries ( there was a growth in one)
3) Granduncle had to have his toe and part of the foot amputated since his wound
cannot heal ( he's a diabetic)
4) Grandmother's lungs filling up with water again.

And the list above is onli about health problems..*sigh*.

And on a happier note, should be In Malacca at this time tomorrow. Can't wait to eat the food there. Lol. Diet kononnya...Diet tetek kut...

Off to continue packing. Have a great weekend. Hopefully the Budget for 2006 will bring happiness to the masses. Hahah! Ta..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!