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it's 3 am and my bread is baking.

Seriously. That's the wonder of a bread-making machine. You just throw everything in ( measured properly of course!) , select the programme you require and let the machine knead, and bake it for you!! Excellent!! Is it weird baking stuff at 3 am? I remember making 'char siew' out of wild boar meat at 2 something am that day ( Karen can vouch for that!! =) ). Cooking in the middle of the night or early morning helps me get past the hours when i can't sleep. I know studying puts me to sleep, but urgh.

Why are there so many nice clothes on auction in Purple Mascara? *WAILS* I don't think this auction has the 'buy it now' option though, unlike Tanya's auction. Darn. Darn. Triple-darn.


Other things i've discovered/learned/ done this week:

Having sex in public areas doesn't give me the high the way it once did. Blergh.

Grocery shopping.

Paid for the rents' wedding anniversary dinner @ Chillis.

Finished all the assignments and reports on time. Am done with the presentations

Bathed Candy only to have her sleep in the mud after.( it's cooling for her!!)

Thanks to Drew have added new and colourful, extremely rude-sounding "swear words"
to current bad words vocabulary. The best part is, these swear words are not swear
words at all!! For example : Chaniago (<-- a brand)
Say it like you would for a chinese swear word. Go on, like this "CHAN nia go". For
more impact, add 2 word " CHAN lei keh nia go" . Sounds rude?
i got a new one today from the word "Konsortium". take away the 'Kon' and you are
left with 'Sor tium'. 'sor' in cantonese means stupid, but what the heck is
'tium'?! Try it.."Sor tium!" Rojak everything together to get ' CHAN lei keh sor
tium'!! MuAHAHAHAHAHAHA...sounds rude, but it doesn't mean shite. yeah lar!!

had dinner at a new cafe in Dataran Prima ( near Sunway Mas, near Tropicana, near
Taman Mayang). It's called 'Maroon'. Ah ling ( and Mr W.K) recommend that you do
not go there. The menu is really really limited and it's not cheap at all. Besides
the portions are really minisicule lar. Seriously. 'Boh kau chiak'( hokkien for
"not enough to eat").

Wore the kimono top and I LOVE IT!! SO MUCH!!!! hahah..thanks Tanya ( don't know if
you'll ever read this or not)..

That's about it kua...the bread should be done by now.. have a great weekend!! And don't forget to use the new 'swear words'!!! ^_^

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!