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steamboat buffet.

for RM18.80... ate loads of stuff there with the majority of the nice classmates!! HHmm..prawns,ikan pari,ostrich meat,fishballs!meatballs!! fresh mushrooms!! chicken..etc.etc. Gave the crabs a miss though..

But anyway the company was great to chill out with.

Unlike the 'muka macam hai' and the 'sei fei hai' bitch.
yes lah, really rude of me to curse them like that but in all honesty they have no freaking manners. Wtf is the 'fei hai's problem, can't bother to open her golden mouth to say 'excuse me' but instead just banged into us without bothering to apologize?!? Sakit okay!! Aku tahulah, dahlah pantat besar, tetek besar, buntut besar. But what the fuck is your problem?!


Okay Ah Ling, chill.. chill *fans self*

anyway have not been dating for a few days already. Really nice of Mr W.K to come visit after work late Saturday nite ( 10 something?). He's still working now too, and its already 12.07 am Monday morning.


Looks like we'll be rushing the assignments this week again. *sigh*..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!