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House hunting - It's on!

For certain reasons, the boyfriend and I have decided to house hunt No, marriage isn't one of those reasons. I guess waiting to inherit a property from my parents is one of those reasons.


Driving around his housing area sometime last weekend, we spotted this block of apartments. And there was a banner with an agent's number on ONE of the windows. Cut a long story short, we are seeing that place this weekend (ok, I admit! we went into a unit which was unlocked. The key words here are UNLOCKED and UNOCCUPIED), or to be more specific, that PARTICULAR unit). Will also be looking at another unit where the partner currently stays. Depending on how much the unit can be rented out for, I can safely say we are looking at 5-6% returns. Not bad for the amount of investment required, me thinks.

Wish us luck!

ah ling

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