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A heartfelt letter to ah ling's blog.

I am so sorry that I have been ignoring you this week.

It was not my intentions at all. First, I started work on Monday. Besides pretending to be busy finding things to do so that I could keep myself busy, my body is still trying to adjust back to the hectic lifestyle of the rat race after a prolonged (and blissful) absence.

Over the next few days, I increasingly started having more work to do, so I have been having 14 hour days. In 4 inch heels.

Nowadays I feel that all I ever want to do is to physically merge my body with my bed. Mentally and spiritually, I am already one with my bed.

So dear blog, do forgive me because my eyes (and I) do get extremely exhausted after a long day of staring at a computer screen, and as we all know, the only way I'll ever be able to communicate with you is to stare at a screen of some kind.

Rest assured, dear blog, that it is not only you which I have been ignoring. You may also feel free to add 'my boyfriend', 'my dog', 'my bed' and of course 'my plants in Plants vs. Zombies' to the list.

Once again, my apologies dear blog.

Lots of luv,
ah ling

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