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Being sick is memorable...

..but one hell of a sucky way to celebrate my birthday!


Dun care. Still went to Manchester for shopping the whole day yesterday. Got my 'dim sum' fix as well, FINALLY. I know it's winter, and the weather is like sub-zero, but honestly, my habit of wearing short skirts with tights has to cease sooner or later, lol.

Got loads of pictures, but haven't transferred them to the computer yet, so be patient okay?

If you're in a place with sunny climates, then smile! Mr Sunshine is doing his job!

ah ling

P.S: Looking at Nikon D60 or Sony Alpha 350. Sigh. Any of these DSLR users (Sony in particular) care to share opinions?
P.P.S: I'm typing this post while high on drugs (for my flu, that is) and a natural high from life. Lol.

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