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Highlights of my week.

1) Catching up with friends and going out with them.
2) Having a random stranger compliment my eyes (okaaay, coloured contact lenses, but still....)
3) Planned and booked Year End getaway.
4) Having a guy ask me out. (I turned him down, but still....*whistles floating*)
5) Hug therapy (lolx)
6) Another interpreting assignment coming my way within the next week.
7) Cheap finds at car boot sales.
8) Learning the lyrics and meanings of words to certain Chinese songs.
9) Finding out a friend has gotten back together with his ex. Bless.
10) Having dinner cooked for me after a really tiring day at work. BLESS.

Think back to the highlights which made YOUR week. Remember them, and be happi =)

ah ling

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