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Getting inked soon, hopefully.

My mummy's exact words to me after telling her about the design I have in mind and what it symbolizes in both Japanese and Chinese culture, as well as the design's symbolism to myself:

"Whatever works for you. And please make sure the needles are NEW. Stop laughing. I'm SERIOUS."

She even gave me advice on which part of my body to have it done. Bless... -___-"

So now, I'm searching around for an artist who will help me 'modify' to my exact specifications the design I want and have in hand.

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babe. the best tattoo artist is in kl. he has won awards all over the world and the main tattooist is featured in Miami Ink's show.

Borneo Ink. I'm serious.

I'm getting ready for mine too. LOL. Still having doubts at some point.. in future, 'mummy mummy.. what's that on your thigh?'

then it's fcuked. lol

Which part of your body? decided?
I wanna do also, but still deciding...hmm...

Audrey - I was thinking of Borneo Ink as well, lol..in Hartamas rite..

Ah Karen - Cool!! We go do together okay =)

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