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A letter to bid adieu to 2008.

Dear 2008.

It's been one helluva a ride with you. I have been feeding my brand addiction (some of it thanks to my dear parents =) ). I've taken my 'daughter' a.k.a my Candy out to Starbucks. I've had this little blog featured on PayPerPost. I've been away from Malaysia for nearly 5 months now. I traveled alone across a few continents alone for the first time ever in my life. I started the year off single, got attached in February, got dumped in October and now am living a 'it's complicated relationship'. In the span of a year, I left a job, got fired, and then walked away from a job. I've experienced being jobless in another country.I've celebrated Christmas in another country and am going to be celebrating my birthday and Chinese New Year as well here. I'm experiencing the different seasons nature has to offer in miniskirts, lol and freezing to death! I've sat outside in winter drinking hot chocolate (which turns cold really really quickly!And I just did it again today -__-) I'm living my life the way I never thought possible before. I've seen the lights of the whole of Sheffield in 0.5 Celcius. Breathtaking view, yes. Cold, YES. (Not going to elaborate on certain points due to certain circumstances. One of them being I'm not sure who is reading my humble lil' blog).

There's a whole lot more stuff I wish to write here, but at the moment I'm just too knackered to do so. Perhaps I'll add on to this post soon, but IF I do so, it'll prolly be next year as I'm going to London tomorrow! (Have to pack though =/)

So if I don't manage to blog before that, well, dear 2008, I hope things take a turn for the better with 2009.

P.S: Happi New Year, and yes 2008, I'll have a lot to reminisce on when you're gone.

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