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Online shopping...again.

But not for myself this time. This time around it's for a friend. For whom I owe much to. It's surprising how quickly circumstances change, but hey, I really do owe him a lot. Without his help I would probably still be jobless after fucking off from my last job.

On top of that, it's also for all his help in 'taking care of me', and by that I mean without him around, I would be walking back alone late at night many days after work.

So yeah, birthday present a bit more mahal than what I would spend on, but I've just paid for it, and since the bloody British Pound is dropping, fuck it.

I just hope you like it. You'd better like it. Apple products are not cheap okay?

P.S: Who reads this and can guess who it's for and what it is, please don't let him know okay? Kthanx! =)

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