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Food review : Chong Qing steamboat buffet @ Sunway Mentari.

Okay, before I can even start typing properly, looking at the pictures and remembering the food there is making me salivate *drools like orang gila*

Before I left Malaysia, my nice friends (sorry, no pictures of us on that night, we were all too busy stuffing ourselves) decided to belanja me makan there. <333 those people!!

Actually we were supposed to go to Yuen Steamboat on the opposite row of shops there. In fact, we had even put our name down on the list, but the queue was taking too damn long longer than a horse's..whatever and we were all too hungry!!

And I'm actually glad we went to Chong Qing instead. Really.

Here's a few reasons why.

There are FOUR different types of soup. 2 spicy ones (forgot their names, sorry), a tomyum and the herbal one.
(Since one of us was suffering from very VERY terrible ulcers as a result of being under the sun too much Outward Bound camp, we took tomyum and the herbal one.)

Also the assortment of food there was quite amazing.

(I LOVE THE FISHBALLS!! They are no ordinary fishballs because they are filled with meat!!!! ^_^)

While the food was cooking I took a pictures. Lol.

And then I prevented everyone from cooking so I could get a nice picture. Lol again.

See my bowl. I told you I liked the fishballs, didn't I? xD

Another dish we we all loved was the pieces of pork fried in preserved bean sauce (?). Damn nice and crispy okay. Thanks to Jamie who suddenly stood up and rushed to the buffet counter halfway while eating. They didn't refill this after it was all gone, and believe me, it was gone so quickly.

Yup, for RM 19.80, Chong Qing is well worth a visit. After converting it to British pounds it is only around 3.15 British pounds *sobs*

I'm definitely visiting Chong Qing when I get my arse back to Malaysia.

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looks really nice. I want steamboat... I want to eat *sulks*

Eh, Mr. Prince Charming, you boleh pergi makan bila-bila lar...

Atau tunggu saya balik and belanja kamu makan pun boleh..

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