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To wear lingerie as a present or not? / What to get him for Valentine's Day?

Just had a very """inspirational""" idea (inspirational by my standards, subjective to everyone else); do you think the boyfriend would appreciate if I dressed like this mannequin below?:

The display in Agent Provocateur in Leeds.

In private yes, but I sincerely doubt he would appreciate it if I wore that in public. As a matter of fact, he would prolly force me to wear a chastity belt with 5,000 volts of electricity running through to the extent I will be too damned scared to piss, else I might end up electrocuting myself (sorry, one of our private jokes).

Okay, the next bit of this entry is kind of PG-18, depending on how you want to interpret it. Me? I interpret everything wrongly. And perverted, wtf. But it's okay, because I'm pure.

Don't think he would like a 'fuck cake'. At the risk of sounding crass, maybe he would like one or the other at separate times, but not a 'fuck cake'. Come to think of it, he doesn't have a sweet tooth. =_^ (--> my 'Hmmmmmm I'm cute and pure and I'm pondering' face)

Yeah, this "fuck cake" tastes damn good wei. ah Karen has the recipe btw.

Don't know already lah.

I've got approximately 3 days left.

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