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Some pictures and an announcement.

Okay, today's post is about happi things.

Some recent acquirements to my accessories.

The brown box of happiness.

Btw, ah Don sponsored the handles. Lol.

And also my birthday present from the parents.

Sorry, no pictures of the watch, just the box cos' yam just too lazy to take pictures of it. I wear it all the time nowadays though.

Also Chinese New Year is coming!! Like really really soon! *rubs hands in glee while thinking of red packets*

For the many years, my parents have been receiving hampers. One thing I always take first look forward to are the Patchi chocolates.

No chocolates in the shape of the rat to be seen though.

And I just realised something.

These flowers are REAL.

And obviously, this butterfly is NOT. Unless you're drunk. Then maybe this butterfly is alive. Depends on how much you've had to drink-lah.

And since we're still on the subject of happi things, well, I have an announcement to make.

If you've noticed, my sticky post has been taken down. And well, I'm not single again. Yup. Please wish my boyfriend good luck in putting up with all my nonsense. Heh.

I wonder if the shit is going to hit the fan after this. But hey, I figured since it makes ME really happi, why the hell should I really care about and try to live by what other people's definition of my happiness should be?

Anyhow, I'm not here asking for anyone's permission. As a matter of fact, I'm MAKING an announcement, so nyehnyehnyeh *sticks out tongue*. Sorry, just being childish here.

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hellooo! remember me? alicia from brats pahang '06... anyway, i've shifted my blog to wordpress... relink me okay... http://dotsandstripes.wordpress.com

take care! (:

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