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I like you.

Yes, I said the word "like".

Even to the point of daresay I, love.

One of the best cappuccinos I've ever tasted. Bloody pricey as well.

You see, I've been doing some pondering as well as much musing and thinking about the way things were, things are now and how things could be like.

And I would have to say that I'd like it to be as it is for now, and I'd like to think that you would like things to be that way as well in this point of time. No point in stirring things up and complicating matters. Best to let sleeping dogs lie.

For now, my soul-searching continues.

Taken @ Angel Castle, Rome.

the girl who is much grateful for your drama-inducing existence in her otherwise mundane life

P.S: I know this has absolutely nothing to do with whatever I wrote above, however, after searching through my photos of Rome I decided to post about this :

After wondering how come the steps in the Pavilions KL look so familiar, and later on reading about the 'Spanish Steps' inspired design, I found a pix which I took in Rome.

The original Spanish Steps in Rome.

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