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Sayang......I want coloured eyes!!

*said in an extremely manja voice* Sayanggggg....I want coloured eyes...Bah. Let me go make hopeful mata bersinar-sinar at someone first hor.


I digress.

Somehow, it seems like ages since I've held my 'baby' in my arms and fondled it.

I meant my camera-lah, wtf.

Would you believe I was too knackered till I was actually at the person who borrowed it from me punya house and yet I forgot to take it back?
Yup. As a matter of fact, it did happen yesterday. *Sigh* Getting old already but I still don't want to believe it, but I don't care, I am still 18 which means that I'm legally old enough to smoke, have sex (yes!) and drive.

Been wanting to take a picca of my parents' bday present to me, but since the camera is not around, I might as well just blog about it here hor, before the watch goes out of style.

And yes, it is a watch. Finally I got my Tag Heuer. The mother came back with FOUR Taggies in fact, wtf.

On another issue, emotionally, I've been on one heck of a totally unanticipated ride. Tried to blog about it a few days ago in fact, but my damn cipet Internet has been giving me problems. Broadband my freakin' uneven-tanned ass!!

Actually all I wanted to blog about was this :

"I hate falling in love. It's always painful for me."

But thank God I couldn't at that time, or else I would prolly not be blogging now. Heh.

P.S: Went on a flower buying spree in Ikea wtf. Don can give testament to that. In fact, when I was driving home, it felt to me that the overpowering scent of flowers just made my car smell like a funeral parlour, wtf.

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