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A reminiscence of when things were different.

Or most importantly, of how things will not turn out to be (hopefully!) if I can help it.

It doesn't pain me to talk about this anymore. As a matter of fact, when m last relationship ended all I felt was this numbness, which was quite surprising. Even my dearest mother was quite worried that I was devoid of emotions, to the extent that she kept asking me everyday how I felt about the whole situation.

Honestly, it hurts so bad the first time around shite happens in a relationship to the point I was contemplating doing stupid stuff. It hurts even more since you expected the relationship to last.Forever.

After it happens too many times, you start to wonder how much you are worth to the other person. And drawing your own conclusions from your 'analysis' hurts, but in the end, the analysis is often correct and then it hurts again.

Not trying to sound bitter here, but after getting 'burnt', sometimes you just couldn't be arsed anymore and start looking for a way out.

I think you must have realized by reading this blog that I don't talk about the penguinex-boyfriend anymore. Yup, obviously you must have drawn your own conclusions from that, and well, your conclusions have been correct.

But anyhow, I'm not feeling at all nostalgic tonight, but I am still going to post some pictures taken before the break-up because I think I look pretty in them *ehemehem*.

Right before my mum's birthday dinner:

Okay, blogger is being all pissy tonight prolly this is its way of ignoring me.Bloody hell.

Too bad then, gotta wait for the next time I get into the spirit of blogging.

Tomorrow night sees my colleagues & I going for a 'Ratro Party'. Yup. Not RETro, RATro. Year of the Rat is coming mar.

ah ling

P.S: Life is good, no matter what they say. You only live once. No regrets :0)

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