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Las Vegas - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


I can tell you that I'm really excited about writing about Las Vegas. And the reason why I'm excited about writing for this opportunity is because of ....*drum roll please*... CSI Las Vegas!! *hopping around*

Alright, enough rubbish from me. *Excitement deflates* But seriously, the aerial night shots which are shown in CSI Las Vegas (mostly during the start of each episode) are just so pretty! Especially when you see the lights of the casinos, all the different coloured, brightly lit Highrise condos, and then the neon billboards. All of it gives Las Vegas the feel of Las Vegas.

If I could, I would love to invest in a unit in a Las Vegas condo as the view every day and night would be just breathtaking! Imagine spending the nights just looking out at the skyline and being naughty with your loved one.So uber romantic.

And if you've had enough of romance, then just hit the casinos. You never know when it might just be your lucky day.


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